Day 24 - A Moment You Felt Most Satisfied About Your Life

Again with the introspective topics. And again with the topics I'm not sure how to answer. Also, again with the late night post. Meh.

 I can't pinpoint a single moment and say "that was quantitatively the time I was most satisfied" for two reasons: 1) my brain doesn't file things away like that and 2) who really talks like that? Especially to themselves. What I do have, however, is a fairly consistent set of experiences which do the same job, ie make me feel satisfied about life. Those moments are the quality time I get to spend with my friends, especially my good friends. I often have trouble opening up, and so I have a very small set of friends I trust explicitly. The walks, the hanging out, the coffee shops, they all add up to a jumble of experiences I like to file away under the post's heading.

So thank you, my friends, for being constant reminders of how great my life is, in spite of all the challenges I face.

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