Everything Is Better With Impromptu Singing

I have a confession to make.

I love Bollywood films. There is just something about how absolutely off-the-wall crazy they are in both premise and execution that is just so endearing. Especially when they more or less adapt Hollywood films and make them, well, insane. Take Back To The Future Action Replayy, in which a dude goes back in time to fix his parents marriage by making his father less of a dweeb. And sings about it. Aaaaand, let's just let the trailer say the rest.


After The Dance - Of Paradigm Shifts And Film

So I'm taking a course this year called History and Theory of the Cinema. Its actually a surprisingly difficult course in that it challenges our entrenched notions of what cinema is, what good cinema is, and how to think about what we watch. I can say for sure that I don't watch films the same way now as I did before I started in on this adventure, though it did take some time and a large mental shift to get me to appreciate the films we are being shown.
As a result I have been kicking around Vimeo more of late. In my recent journeying I came across this short film. Still being in a somewhat transitory state in regards to my appreciation of film, I can say that while I may not like this short per-se, there is a beauty about it which has invited me to watch it over and over again.
Now, I share it with you


In Which A Cute Amphibian-Thing Wants To Be A Hero

Time for a shameless plug for one of my favourite bands. I Fight Dragons is truly a geek band, what with their chiptunes straight out of the 80’s and their references to comic book and video game heroes. Also, they use NES and SNES controllers as musical instruments. On stage.
I discovered IFD while meandering about the internet looking for some cool electro/dance music that the artists were making available online for free. It was during this search that I was really exposed to the genre of chiptunes and through trial and error finally hit upon the very nice blend of chiptune geekiness and awesome rock that IFD manages to bring together.
This is a video for the song “The Faster the Treadmill” from their EP Cool is Just a Number. The animation was hand drawn. Yea, wicked.


Why, Hello Mister Potter

Presented in honour of the release of The Deathly Hollows: Part 1.

Also, just for fun, how many Harry Potter characters can you name? The top 200 by mentions in the book? In 18 minutes? Its actually pretty challenging!


Oh Matt Smith, You Slay Me!

Presented to Doctor Who fans. Pure win from the actor who is pretty much my favourite Doctor thus far.


Ninjas vs. Cowboys and Other Awesomeness

Challenging The Expendables on my list of crazy-freaking action movie of the year: The Warrior's Way. Ninjas! Cowboys! Steampunk! YEAH


Flying: No Wings, No Problem

Presented without comment. Just bask in the craziness that is gliding.

Jeb Corliss wing-suit demo from Jeb Corliss on Vimeo.