After The Dance - Of Paradigm Shifts And Film

So I'm taking a course this year called History and Theory of the Cinema. Its actually a surprisingly difficult course in that it challenges our entrenched notions of what cinema is, what good cinema is, and how to think about what we watch. I can say for sure that I don't watch films the same way now as I did before I started in on this adventure, though it did take some time and a large mental shift to get me to appreciate the films we are being shown.
As a result I have been kicking around Vimeo more of late. In my recent journeying I came across this short film. Still being in a somewhat transitory state in regards to my appreciation of film, I can say that while I may not like this short per-se, there is a beauty about it which has invited me to watch it over and over again.
Now, I share it with you

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