In Which A Cute Amphibian-Thing Wants To Be A Hero

Time for a shameless plug for one of my favourite bands. I Fight Dragons is truly a geek band, what with their chiptunes straight out of the 80’s and their references to comic book and video game heroes. Also, they use NES and SNES controllers as musical instruments. On stage.
I discovered IFD while meandering about the internet looking for some cool electro/dance music that the artists were making available online for free. It was during this search that I was really exposed to the genre of chiptunes and through trial and error finally hit upon the very nice blend of chiptune geekiness and awesome rock that IFD manages to bring together.
This is a video for the song “The Faster the Treadmill” from their EP Cool is Just a Number. The animation was hand drawn. Yea, wicked.

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