Day 23 - Your Favourite Movie And What It's About

This is actually a rather difficult question for me. I love film and watch a LOT of movies, most of which I enjoy. But to narrow it down to just one favourite? That is quite the challenge. If I were to look at all the films I have in my collection right now, either digitally or physically, I would have a couple that I could watch over and over and never got bored, though no clear winner. Time for another list!

The Comedy - Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Come on, you had to see that one coming. I will watch this movie endlessly, if for no other reason that to quote it. Too. Many. Quotable. Moments! And it doesn't help that the version that I own comes with the screenplay, just to help me along that much further in my quoting frenzy. It isn't necessarily the greatest film ever, but it is absolutely hilarious.

The Classic - Star Wars

Like most things sci-fi, I was introduced to Star Wars by my dad, who was really more of a Trekkie (or Trekker, I'm not sure which side of that fence he falls on). I fell in love with it instantly, and how could I not? Epic space battles, drama, close calls and narrow escapes, swords made out of freakin' light. What is not ta love about all that? Not to mention being one of the most - if not the most - influential pop culture films even  today. Constantly quoted, often parodied, never replaced (or better than the original trilogy), Star Wars holds a special place in my movie favourites. Also, I love the old-school trailers.

Ok, so in all honesty if I had to pick a movie right now it would probably be this one. Action! Adventure! Intrigue! Swordplay! And yes... some kissing. I can't remember the first time I saw this movie, but the simple letters R.O.U.S stuck in my mind for forever. I love this movie more every time I see it, and it features some fantastic acting. Also, its a book! That said, this isprobably the only case where you will ever find me saying the the movie was better than the book. If you haven't see this film yet RUN AND GET IT, RIGHT NOW. You won't regret it.

Runners Up:

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