Day 22 - How Important You Think Education Is

Another late one, but this time I have a valid excuse: celebrating my birthday with my friends. Hopefully I'll get back to posting on the actual day starting, well, with today. Now that I've got that out of the way, on with the post!

Education is very important to me, so much so that I started my post-secondary schooling training to be a teacher. I love learning, and education - institutionalized education - plays a vital role in instilling into children that love and equipping them with the ability to succeed in their learning and life challenges. Sometimes it isn't quite as good at that job as it should be and needs to be, after all who doesn't have a story about a teacher who just doesn't seem to care about the materials they are teaching. It is the challenge any institution faces when trying to provide top-notch service to a very broad base of users from different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds, especially with users as fickle as grade-schoolers. While I can say for sure that I have met some teachers, and teacher candidates, who should not be anywhere near a classroom, teachers on a whole should be applauded for the difficult work they do.

It is a job not made any easier by the internet. There are many fantastic and quality learning resources out there on the world wide web, such as TED, that you have to wonder how far away we are from a major paradigm shift in regards to how we teach many of the topics we cover  in school and what role technology and the internet will play in creating that future. Hopefully schoolboards and the Ministry of Education will be able to keep better pace with the breakneck speed at which education technologies and aids evolve  in the future.

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