Weekend Wrap-Up: Neil And Hugh Sing A Tune, And It Was Good

Its safe to say that I come across a lot of things I think are cool in my meanderings about the internet. Here is where I get to close some tabs and share my findings!

This week we have the Tony's, lionesses trying to eat babies and the internet as a basic human right. Onward ho!

So Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tony's recently. Have I ever mentioned how much I love NPH? The promise of more NPH almost - almost - convinced me that going to see the new Smurfs movie wouldn't be such a bad thing. Almost. I've gone through pretty much all the clips from the show, but this has got to be my favourite of the bunch. Also, if the Oscar people are listening, this is how you put on an award show. Tony > Oscar any day.

This is actually old news by now, but I cleaning out my bookmarks and came across this gem: Born fighter - The five-year-old boy who has sold 3,000 of his own monster drawings to pay for the cancer treatment that could save his life.

Not overly surprised to hear this, but given the increased attention the internet has been getting with its use as a tool in the unrest in the Middle East and Africa, the United Nations Human Rights Council has recently declared internet access to be a human right. Given the (mostly failed) attempts to stifle access in Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia, and given the importance of the internet as a tool for mobilization and communication, this declaration certainly will have some interesting policy implications. CBC's The Current takes a good look at the issue.

Six seasons of American Gods on HBO as well as a potential sequel? Be still my beating heart.

Apparently the line between tragedy and comedy is only a few inches of plexiglass.

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