Day 09 - How You Hope Your Future Will Be

Much like trying to say where I want to be in 10 years, trying to say how I hope my future will be is somewhat difficult. I want it to be good. I want it to be great even - really, who hopes for a bad future? The only problem is that questions like this make me reflect on where I am right now, because any question about the future requires some reflection on present circumstances. It is one thing to say "I hope to be an astronaut in the future"; it is quite another thing to see that become a reality when nothing you are participating in or plan on participating in leads down that road. I just don't know what is in the cards for me, and generally speaking I don't really take a rosy view on my future. I worry too much: about grades, about work, about relationships. And when things get down, I seem to get really down too. It is hard to hope for a happy future when you're worried about being placed on academic suspension from your school for crappy grades. But hey, that is why I have people around me to support me. And really, should I be worrying about things that are out of my hands? The past is dead and gone and there is nothing I can do to change it. The challenge is owning up to my mistakes and moving past them.

Maybe that is really what I hope to have in my future: the strength to stop worrying about things I can't change and the will to move past my mistakes.

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