Day 08 - Your Views on Mainstream Music

I listen to it occasionally.

Seriously, I really don't listen to that much music on the radio, and when I do it is either oldies or whatever the CBC has decided to play on Bandwidth or Vinyl Tap. When I get bored of either of those, I turn on country (which is new, ask any of my friends from high school and they'll tell you how much I hated country) or flip to one of my CD's. See, I hang out online quite a bit, and since I've become somewhat more selective in the kind of music that I listen to, I often only check out bands based on word of mouth (such as I Fight Dragons or Explosions in the Sky) or just random browsing through PureVolume, Grooveshark, or Slacker Radio. Of course you will occasionally come across more mainstream music as you got through these sites, and it is impossible to avoid in stores, on pop radio stations and hanging out with friends, and it isn't that I have a problem with mainstream music; my musical tastes just don't lend themselves well to mainstream music. I like instrumental music - in fact a custom mix of songs from the Battle Star Galactica soundtracks is my current driving poison - as well as electronica and chiptunes. Sadly there is not much of a market out there for these in the mainstream world. So again, I don't dislike mainstream music as a rule - though Ke$ha, Lady Gaga and Nickleback drive me bonkers - I'm just not overly exposed to it as part of my listening habits.

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