Three Things For A Thursday

Three new things today:
  1. The complete James Bond collection of books is 74% off at Chapters
    Not really new since the sale started on Monday (not sure when it ends), but I just received confirmation of my copy shipping, so I thought I would pass this along anyway. All fourteen of Ian Flemming's Bond books in retro paperback - I dare you to pass it up.
  2. The Geek A Week Challenge
    This project came to my attention recently when Think Geek announced that it would begin selling physical sets of these cards and selling various items from the people featured in the sets. Take the time to check out the write ups for each of the cards - they're pretty funny and have some interesting titbits squirrelled away in them. Heh, "Evets Kainzow."
  3. Foleys
    I will never claim to have mastery of film credits, but I am getting closer to a fuller understanding of their complex code. Added to the arcane pantheon of Key Grips and Gaffers (my confusion over this term stemming from early exposure to British colloquialism) is the Foley, whose very cool job I learned about while browsing around Vimeo

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