Day 30 – Goals For The Next 30 Days

Its the last day! One last list (for this challenge anyway):

  • Keep on blogging. This has been fun and I want to try and keep it up, if not a quite the same break-neck rate. I'm going to aim for at least a twice a week schedule, but we shall see how it goes.
    • On that note, perhaps I'll start another one? Not in February, but since the next 30 days includes March I may give that a shot. Topic suggestions are welcome!
  • Stay on top of my school-work. I've actually being doing pretty good thus far this semester and hopefully I can keep on tackling my work as it comes up instead of waiting till the last minute to start it.
  • Creative writing. This one kind of scares me - because of the time commitment it could take - but also because if I start tackling the kind of short-story/poetry writing that I want to, part of my plan involves putting it up for critiquing. Maybe. I'm not entirely sure yet, but either way I need to start writing again.
  • Tackle my TBR list. My To Be Read list is actually a little longer than what I have posted in the sidebar. This is probably the longest I have ever let my TBR list grow - aside from the Christmas my parents gave me pretty much the entire Wheel of Time series, which doesn't count because they wouldn't let me read them all right away - and I am actually itching to finish them all.
Yes, I do realize that all of my goals are going to have some serious price tags attached to them in regards to monopolizing my time, not to mention that I have other commitments as well. So, How about I just report back in 30 days and let y'all know how I did?

[Update] As a point of interest, I have updated the original post with links to each topic - just in case anyone wants to go back and read the others. That post itself is linked under the "projects" tab.

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