Day 28 – Your Current Relationship

Today's topic is more a broad statement than it is a question. This is Seana and me in one of those photo-booth pictures that we did a while ago. There are other pictures of us, but I happen to like this one a lot. It is no coincidence that I decided to tackle this subject today, being that it is our four year anniversary.

It is a little funny to think about our relationship because we have been in it for quite a while. Seana and I were friends for several years before we started dating, and our relationship has seen us through some major periods of life. What with the end of high school, beginning of post-secondary and all the additional challenges and changes that come with that transition, it has been nice to have someone to walk with through it all - someone I can trust completely and unequivocally. Have we had our problems? Yes, and I fully expect them to continue - that is just the way life works. But the important thing is that we have managed to work through them and address them as they come up, some things probably more than once. Again, that's life.

I find it difficult to imagine what my life would be like without Seana in it. Different for sure. She sees a side of me not everyone does - a side effect of not always being the most open person. I love her, and I appreciate every moment that we have together.

With all my heart.


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  1. :) Difficult to imagine life without you either. I love you. Happy anniversary <3