Day 19 - Something You Miss

Probably one of the things I miss the most is camp. I spent three summers as a team leader at Hope Valley Day Camp, and they were fabulous. Not all the time – there were some… interesting things that happened occasionally – but for the most part I loved it. There is something I should make clear about myself: if I could, I would spend all of my time volunteering in some capacity – especially with kids if possible. So having the opportunity to spend pretty much my entire summer living at Hope Valley with a great community of other Christians who were (often) just as passionate about giving up their time was fantastic, and some of my greatest friends –  including my girlfriend – are people I met there. And the kids! They came from so many different backgrounds with so many different personalities and struggles and stories. You always get campers who cause trouble, and it can be difficult to help them through the issues that cause them to act out. Sometimes there really isn’t anything you can do, but we always took the view that there is no such thing as problem campers, just campers with problems.

Camp helped me grow, both personally and as a Christian. Maybe that is what I miss the most.

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