Day 17 - Your Beliefs

I am a Christian. That is what I've grown up in and what I have decided to be. It frames the way in which I see the world and is the starting place from which I form all of my opinions about everything else. I believe in a knowable, personal God who is not distant from the world, but is active in His creation. I believe that Jesus existed as a real person who walked on Earth in human flesh, and yet was also God. I believe that He died on a cross for my sins and the sins of everyone else throughout time, the perfect sacrifice for an imperfect world. And I believe that, more importantly, He rose again. I believe that that we are impure and imperfect in God's eyes, but if we accept the gift He has given us through Christ's sacrifice he will forgive us and cleanse us and that we can enter into a personal relationship with Him. I do not believe that becoming a Christian is an instant solution to all my problems: those will continue to exist by the very nature of the world we live in. I do, however, believe that becoming a Christian can give you hope and strength to get through the tough times. I also believe that God is active in the world through the Holy Spirit, a guide to speak to us and enable us who dwells within everyone who follows Christ's teachings.

This is the core of my beliefs, and should be in line with the core beliefs of every Christian. They are the only beliefs I have which are not up for debate. Everything else that follows, everything not central to my salvation, reflects the decisions I have made through my exposure to different faiths and denominations. I won't write about all those because the list would be too long and to changing to be of any real use to anyone, so I'll just leave it at this.

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