Day 01 - Your Highs and Lows of this Past Year

Not a bad time to tackle this topic, having just left a year behind. Its uncanny that this would show up just in the same time that people traditionally get reflective, like someone planned it or something... :D

Lets start with the lows of the year, since they tend to be more painful. Probably my biggest low for the year was my academic performance my second year at Trent. Failing two courses isn't an easy pill to swallow, and neither is suddenly realizing that a) you have a lot of bad habits to deal with and b) that you may Be a bit out of your depth trying to tackle things like a "normal" student instead of suiting your education to your needs. Its an ongoing learning process. Continuing on the not-so-great side of the year, and something which may or may not be related to the previous point (I tend to believe it is), I also realized how unplugged I had become from life. Sure, I got to hang out with my awesome girlfriend and other friends, but compared to highschool I wasn't doing much. No extra-curriculars for me, no church groups or ministry work (if I even got to church), no volunteering. It bummed me out a lot. Again, something that is an ongoing battle, though I have been going to a church fairly consistently now and I'm even involved in a group there. *Shock, horror* its a miracle!

On the cool side of the coin for last year, I did manage to make some new friends at school. I also finally got to go to Jamaica and see first-hand some of our family history there. It was a wicked 11 days spent, again, with my awesome family, for whom I am so thankful.

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